Bombshell email shows Hillary aide Huma Abedin left classified material in her CAR and asked colleague to move it to trunk for safekeeping


  • 2009 email shows Abedin emailed Hillary Clinton’s personal assistant to ask for help moving classified papers to the trunk of her car in India
  • Material – ‘burn stuff’ – was in the seat pocket in front of where she sat in a staff car 
  • Abedin appeared concerned the U.S. ambassador to India would see the papers when she joined him for a ride
  • Only classified papers may be placed in a ‘burn bag’ for disposal, according to the State Department’s foreign service manual 

Hillary Clinton’s most trusted State Department aide Huma Abedin once left classified papers in the pocket behind the front seat of a staff car she was assigned in India, according to an email released Monday.

Abedin wrote to Clinton’s personal assistant Lauren Jiloty on July 20, 2009 to ask her to move the material to her trunk so an ambassador wouldn’t see them when he rode with her in the back seat.

She told Jiloty that the papers consisted of ‘burn stuff,’ indicating that they were classified documents that belonged among materials that agency rules required employees to place in ‘burn bags’ for incineration.

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